Payment Industry Research

Payment Industry Analysis

What are the most competitive money transfer currency corridors. GBP to EUR, USD, AUD and other currencies.
Transferwise launches its borderless account and looks more like a bank of the future. How will Transferwise transition from payments company to offering banking services
Liquidity providers such as Currency Cloud and Earthport utilize different customer acquisition strategies.
Research on the potential of peer to peer international payments and how they have changed international money transfer. Transferwise, Revolut, CurrencyFair are some of these P2P companies.
Managing risk in FX and payments requires detailed analysis of exchange rates, market conditions and a company's situation.
Will bitcoin and blockchain be critical to the future of the international payments industry?
Western Union has a market leading range of mobile, online and bill payment solutions for international money transfers.
Research and insights into the latest trends in the international payments sector. Technology, investment and competition.
The emerging trends in cross border payments including technology, bitcoin, P2P and the changing competitive dynamics.
The remittance industry is driven by new technology in markets such as Asia. Investment in mobile, online and digital currency companies.
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