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We offer the opportunity to work for a fast growing, leading data and technology company. We have a number of open roles and always interested to receive submissions from interested candidates.


Data Analyst Role

Do you love collecting, organizing, and transforming data? Do you want to work alongside successful serial entrepreneurs on building a unique, disruptive and extremely profitable business from the ground up? Do you need to be part of a fast-moving, high-energy innovative team of brilliant people from all over the world? If so, then FXC Intelligence has your dream job!

We are looking for a rock star Data Analyst to report directly to our Head of Research and work closely with our Data Science team to import and analyze complex data from tens of thousands of sources in a multitude of formats.

Data Analyst Job Duties

You will be working on the Research Team and the broader business’s data pipeline. You will for instance be asked to source data and investigate a data sources such as a Websites, flat files, or APIs. You will learn as much as you can about business requirements and needs and then explore and profile the data using SQL, Excel, Python or whatever other tools fit the job.

You will have responsibility for productionalizing datasets for modelling, visualization and analysis using an off the shelf enterprise ETL tool and, if necessary, Python and SQL.

You will need to be able to communicate complex material in layman’s terms and educate people.

The person in this job has a lot of different long term career paths in our company since we are small and everything we do depends on data. This is a highly visible, central, and critical role. Every day, you will be interacting with and learning from excellent project managers, business analysts, data scientists, software developers and QA engineers in a friendly, collegial environment.


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